How to Read Your Organic SEO Service Keyword Ranking Report

SEO Ranking Report

If you’re getting organic seo services for your website, then you should be getting a keyword ranking report every month. If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization, then you’ve most likely never seen a keyword ranking report. Don’t worry. This blog post will help you understand it. However, if you’re truly mystified by the report, talk to your seo agency and tell them they need to sit down with you face to face and explain it to you. If you live in a different area than them, then ask for an online meeting. They’ll be more than glad to do this for you, because the keyword rank report shows you that you seo campaign is making progress.

Don’t Expect to Strike Gold on the First Few SEO Rank Reports

It’s exciting to get seo services for your website. You have a site and now you can look forward to seeing it go up and up on Google. You just have a feeling that your site is capable of of search engine optimization miracle and that your first keyword rank report is going to be all page ones and all #1 position for that matter. Well, sorry folks, but that’s not what you should expect. The first few rank reports might have #80 rankings or even no rankings for some keywords. SEO is a work of progress. It may take time to get the first page, but in the end, that’s what you want. It’s far better to see consistent progress to the first page, than an unnatural jump to page one and a quick dive back down. Just be patient and keep the faith. Quitting your seo services, because you think the results are fast enough won’t help your site. If you’re making progress, stay with your seo agency. It’s only up from where your site is right now.

What to Look for On Your SEO Keyword Report

Every seo company uses a different reporting system, and some of them show more information than others. In the end, you really want to look at 3 things, your keywords, their position, and their movement for the month. So, print out your keyword reports, so you can compare them month by month. You’ll see a column labeled keyword position. This simply shows the position of your website on Google for your keyword. For most keywords, page one includes position 1 through 11, so be on the lookout for those numbers. If you’re ranking for position 12 through 21, then most likely you’re on page 2 and on your way to page 1. You’ll also see a column of with arrows going up and down and a number. This shows how many spaces your website went up or down on Google. So, if you see an arrow pointing up with a 10, that means your site went up 10 spots. The other stats are important for your seo agency to know, but the rank position and keyword movement is something you can look at every month to get an idea of the progress your seo services are making for your site.